Why Did We Move To Primrose Hill?

Hello, darlings and my future faithful readers! My name is Laura Bexter, 48, married with a couple of now fully grown kids (a son and a daughter). I was in the home and cleaning business for over fifteen years before I decided to try something new. My husband is a mid-level manager in a digital marketing agency, and he is helping me launch this project that I hope to become my surrogate child :).

In the late summer of 2021, we moved from Kensington to Primrose Hill, which is actually the main reason for starting this blog. I have been increasingly fascinated with my new home area to the point of “unhealthy infatuation”, as my hubby loves to joke about it. But before I begin my musings about Primrose Hill, I feel it is necessary to explain our choice for moving.

Both my husband and I are no Londoners – he is from Tunbridge Wells, and I am from Watford. I moved to London with my sister in my early twenties, and he studied at Birkbeck College. We met through common friends and immediately hit it off. Funny thing, though – our first rented apartment was in Winchmore Hill, North London.

When our kids were born, two years apart, we started discussing moving to another part of London. We are both very practical and analytic people and decided to move to an area that offered the best educational prospects for our boy and girl. Kensington and Chelsea loomed large as the favourite, especially since my husband’s workplace was nearby. He was quickly coming up the corporate ladder, so the financial side of the equation was not a problem.

Before I go on, let me say: I LOVE Kensington and Chelsea. They are some of London’s most vibrant and wonderful areas to raise kids. The parks, the museums, the schools, the athletic and cultural amenities, the restaurants – you name it, they have it. But after a certain period, the dynamism becomes a bit too much. I do believe Kensington is the perfect area for younger people, but your priorities change when you enter your late forties.

Fast forward twenty years to 2019 – my son was starting his internship in a prestigious law firm, and my daughter had just graduated from the University of London, soon to go on a three-month trip with friends across Europe. My husband and I were unexpectedly faced with empty-nest syndrome – and a home that was too large for just two people.

The Covid pandemic only boosted our resolve to make a change and move to a quieter part of London. My babies were gone (though they visit us often, I cannot complain), and my husband preferred to work from home more than ever. I was no longer working as a domestic cleaning supervisor, so the need for a central location with excellent transport links no longer applied. We only had to choose the spot that fitted us the best.

Believe it or not, our first choice was to return to our roots in Winchmore Hill. We even picked a beautiful apartment, but another family outbid us for it. Our number two choice was Primrose Hill. When we visited the apartment we had chosen with our estate agent, we immediately fell in love. The quiet streets, the nearby exquisite square garden, and the proximity of Primrose Hill Park all reminded us of Winchmore Hill. But the cosy cafes, the small restaurants, and the local shops carried something of the Kensington air with them.

It took us a while to make the final decision, but one year later, I can confidently say we made the right choice. I had hoped to enjoy Primrose Hill – instead, I fell in love with it! But that is a topic for my future posts.